What Does the UST-C Course Teach My Employees?

Our UST-C Training Course teaches the laws and regulations they will need to follow, what they will need to monitor in the day to day operation of a fueling station, and how to properly report and clean spills.
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What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Course Like This?

A requirement of many states is an employee with UST-C certification is present on the premises of an UST facility during business hours.
For more information on the requirements in your state, read more at: Get a UST Class-C Operator's Card and click on your state

How Do My Employees Take the Quizzes/Exams?

The quizzes and exams are all computerized and taken them online. The software will grade the quizzes for you and show the results on the screen. Scores are also recorded in an online database.

If I Update My UST Documentation on My Account, Will it be Updated in the Course Material?

When you update your UST Documentation, the course will update to reflect the updated documentation automatically.

How Long Do My Employees Have Access to the Course Material?

Your employees will have access to the course material for 1 year after completion of the course and the generation of their certificate. If you log in to your account more than 1 year after completing the course, you will no longer be able to access the course material.

How Long Do I Have Access to My Compliance and Emergency Procedure Documentation?

As long as you have your employer account, you can access your Compliance and Emergency Procedure Documentation.

Can I re-use a token for a new employee if the employee I assigned it to did not complete the course?

You may receive a credit if the employee has not logged in to the course. Once the student has logged in, the token is used and you cannot receive a credit. The process is automated, if you delete a token, a new token will be provided in your account if the employee has not logged in.

What Are The System Requirements?

The course runs in your in your internet browser, and will run on a PC, Macintosh, Linux, Android, or iOS, (via a standard web browser).
The information in this course has been encrypted to ensure security. This may interfere with screen reader applications.

What Is The Refund Policy?

The refund policy is available here. Rserving Refund Policy

How Do I Sign Up To Take The Course

You can sign up here! Read more at: Here and pick the state you're doing business in.