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District of Columbia UST- C Training Information

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Meets Requirements for UST Training in Washington, DC

UST Record Keeping Requirements for Washington, DC:
A copy of the following documentation shall be on-site, and readily available for inspection at the facility:
  1. certificates of training for Class A and B operators;
  2. a copy of the facility list of Class A, B, and C operators; and
  3. Class C operator instructions or procedures.

State Contact Information:
District Department of the Environment (DDOE)
Toxic Substances Division
Underground Storage Tank Branch 
1200 First Street, NE, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20002

202-535-2326 (Direct)
202-535-2600 (Main)


State Contact Information:
After initial training, Class C operators shall be briefed by the Class A or B operator on the emergency instructions or procedures at least annually (every 12 months).