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Georgia UST- C Training Information

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Meets Requirements for UST Training in Georgia

UST Record Keeping Requirements for Georgia:
The participating owner or operator shall maintain the following records for each UST and make them available to EPD:
  • records of compliance with operator training and examination;
  • release detection;
  • secondary containment;
  • interstitial monitoring, and
  • under dispenser containment requirements per Rules 391-3-15-.05 and 391-3-15-.16

State Contact Information:
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Environmental Protection Division
Land Protection Branch
Underground Storage Tank Management Program 
4244 International Parkway
Suite 104
Atlanta, GA 30354

Phone: 404-362-2687
Fax: 404-362-2654

State Contact Information:
The method and curriculum used to train the Class C operator shall be kept onsite at the UST facility and shall specifically identify which employees are considered Class C operators and which have received the Class C operator training.