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Meets Requirements for UST Training in Vermont

UST Record Keeping Requirements for Vermont:
The permittee shall, on a form provided by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, submit the names of each person designated as the Class A and Class B operators for the facility, the date of certification, the name of the operator training program that certified each listed operator, and the expiration of certification for each listed operator. The permittee shall submit a revised form within 45 days of any change made to the list of operators.

The permittee shall maintain a list of each person designated as a Class C operator assigned for the facility, the date that training was completed, the expiration date of the training for each listed operator, and the name of the test or training for operator classification.

State Contact Information:

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Waste Management Division

National Life Dr. - Davis 1
Montpelier, VT 05620-3704


Phone: 802-828-1138
Fax: 802-828-1011

State Contact Information:
Class A, B, and C operators shall renew their certifications at least every two years.