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Meets Requirements for UST Training in Wyoming

UST Record Keeping Requirements for Wyoming:
Owners and/or operators shall maintain a list of designated Class A, B, and C Operators and maintain records verifying that training and retraining, as applicable, have been completed. Training records shall be kept on site and available for inspection.

The list shall identify all Class A, B, and C Operators currently designated for the facility. The list shall include names, class of operator trained, date the operator assumed duties, date each completed initial training, and date of any retraining.

Records verifying completion of training or retraining shall be a paper or electronic record for each operator class. The records, at a minimum, shall identify the name of the trainee, the date the Class C Operators were trained, the expiration date on the license for Class A or B Operators, and the name of the Class A or B Operator that trained each Class C Operator. Owners and/or operators shall maintain these records for as long as the Class A, B, or C Operators are designated.

State Contact Information:
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Water Quality Division
Solid & Hazardous Waste Division
Storage Tank Program 
Herschler Building 4W
122 West 25th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Phone: 307-777-7095
Phone: 307-777-7097
Fax: 307-777-5973